Many an SME enters its respective industry full of technique geared for bridging the gap. Applying this same sense of inventiveness has proven taxing in the latter phases of business development when facing off with a decline in investment and the surprising obstacles of accomplishment.

SMEs are largely defined by their ability to innovate. Despite the resilience with which small and medium sized enterprises have come to embody, a glaring challenge SME innovation faces as of late is a growing shortage in financing. Malaysian SME property developer Encomas for one, continues to cope with the economic crisis head on most notably due to the credit crunch, which occurred as a result. A third generation construction family, Encomas designs and sells property in the burgeoning Malaysian market. And despite the company’s triumphs in the space since 2000, Managing Director Rick Cheng like similarly positioned SME executives, must perpetually contend for a pool of capital. While businesses the world over likewise manage the results of mortgage lending blunders in faraway lands, the concerns related to a lack of funding and the innovation this hinders, are one of many persistent challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises.