In order to return to the roots of the Busatti family’s origins in business we must travel over two centuries back in time. In 1796, between Tuscany and Umbria, the geographic centre of the Italian Renaissance and birthplace of legendary artists Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Rafael, laid the Castle of Anghiari, a textile factory, which specialised in weaving cloth for the uniforms of Napoleon’s troops stationed in the region’s hilly plains. The Busatti family, having been in the region since 1790, took over the textile factory and ushered it through a succession of successful periods. Soon after the Busatti family’s procurement, the textile factory began to cater to the needs of its local customers and by 1808 was entirely consumer-focused. Around the middle of the 19th century the family, having stocked the finest materials, specalised in home linens, built hundreds of handlooms, and gradually became known for the most lauded craftsmanship of the industry. The company now has 41 stores in Italy, 23 abroad, and thousands of customer accounts, which bear Busatti products.

Interview with Giovanni Sassolini Busatti

In the following interview Tharawat magazine spoke to Giovanni Sassolini Busatti, a member of the eighth generation of the Busatti family and the current President of Busatti. In 1976, Mr. Busatti took over the management of the company alongside his sister Elena and the two have since positioned Busatti’s products in the market to a degree of worldwide acclaim.