Interview with Corsino Corsini, Chairman, Fiori Dolci Senesi, Italy

A weakness for sweets is something most of us suffer from more or less ardently. There is an Italian family named Corsini, deeply embedded in the picturesque community of Siena in Tuscany that caters to this weakness of ours with its mouth-watering, almond-based confectionary specialities “Fiori Dolci Senesi”. The Corsini’s story really begins with the story of another family business: In 1827, the Fiore family was running its Fiore Pharmacy in Siena and started as a side business the production of high quality sweets for its customers. For over a century the Fiore family ran this operation until in 1947 it joined forces with the entrepreneurial Corsini family who were at the time food traders. The Corsinis initially began their involvement by becoming shareholders to the Fiore’s business but soon moved on to taking over the company entirely in 1951. The old Fiore Pharmacy is still run by its namesake family, while the confectionary brand “Fiori Dolci Senesi” has meanwhile thrived under the management of Carlo Corsini who was put in charge in 1984. Soon his son Corsino and daughter Anna Maria took over the company and diversified its product range into a wide and colourful variety of confectionary products. Tharawat magazine spoke to Chairman Corsino Corsini and found out more about a family’s passion for food and about the undeniable importance of almonds.