Interview with Peter Destrooper, CEO of Jules Destrooper, Belgium

It is commonly understood that behind every successful family business lies a secret that explains a family’s triumph. The biscuiterie Jules Destrooper has kept the secret recipe for its exquisite biscuits under a watchful eye since 1886. Founder Jules Destrooper was a distinguished baker whose biscuit recipes included the best ingredients from Africa and the East. His wife, a shop owner who sold linen, accompanied her products with a present box full of her husband’s delicious biscuits. One of her customers, a hotel manager, served the biscuits to his English guests, marking the beginning of their international fame.

In 1911, Jules Destrooper’s son Jules took over the business and started to sell the products throughout Belgium. The family became renowned for exclusively working with natural ingredients, accepting that the reduced shelf life of its products would prevent the company from exporting globally until years later.