Human Capital and Talent Management

Human Capital and Talent Management


Non-family Executives in Family Businesses

Although we would like to think so, it is difficult to transmit values and business ethics from one family generation to another, and one...

Open Innovation in Family Businesses

Image Source: Pixabay via Pexels A Must or an Oxymoron? In the Arab world, family businesses are the backbone of most economies owing both to their...
Talent Management in the Middle East

Q&A with Prof. Abbas Ali: Talent Management in the Middle East

Q&A with Prof. Abbas Ali Talent Management is the process of discovering, deploying, motivating, and energizing the workforce within an organisation to effectively achieve objectives...

Chronicles of a Fifth Generation Family Business Member – First Day at Work

Anees Redha Qamar Sultan, Head of Marketing Development, W. J. Towell & Co. LLC, Oman One of the greatest challenges in human capital management for...

Philanthropy Serving the Needs of Family Cohesion

While many studies refer to the driving role that family businesses play in economic growth and wealth creation, there is also convergence on their...

The Outstanding Value of Family Businesses

Insights from Hussein Shobokshi, Director of SHOBOKSHi Development and Trading The history of family businesses in the Arab world has been a turbulent one. Bearing...

Lessons from Kuwait

Interview with Salah Al Wazzan The Nafais Holding Company (KSCC) and its subsidiaries in Kuwait employs more than 2500 people in different areas, ranging across...

Talent Management in the Middle East

Insights from Inji Abdoun, Head of Corporate Human Resources, EFG Hermes Middle East In the most basic, theoretical terms, Talent Management (TM) is an integration...

Human Capital Strategy in the Gulf Firms

Challenges and Opportunities Work organisations in the GCC countries have been facing unique and complex challenges around the development and management of human capital for...

Human Capital Leadership in an Economy Stretched for Talent

Insights from Prof. Shirley Zinn, Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Pretoria While the natural reaction by the vast majority of organisations...

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