How to untangle your thinking

Joining the family business can be a momentous decision. When next generation members finish school or university they are often faced with the choice between applying for a job or joining the family firm. It is a situation fraught with emotional considerations as often they face a trade off scenario between going after their own career ambitions and satisfying their family obligations. In the ideal case, the family business represents the career next generation members imagine. However, to assess this complex situation and make the right decision can be daunting. In his article, Mathias Vestergaard, Founder of Think Clearly, US, provides a decision-making tool to enable next generation members to untangle their thinking and make the big decision.

Life is full of choices and we are constantly making decisions. Some decisions are simple, and have consequences that can easily be anticipated. Other decisions are complex and their impact can never be fully imagined in advance. While simple choices can be fun, exciting and empowering, research shows that complex decisions are often a source of significant stress.