Interview with Şirin Çelikel and Kerem Çelikel, Anel Holding, Turkey

Anel Holding was founded in Turkey in 1986. By 2013 the construction company reported sales of over $230 million. With the conglomerate’s core business activity in electromechanical contracting, the owning Anel family caters to large-scale projects such as airports, factories and hospitals, among a host of additionally complex facilities. Operating in Turkey, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia, Anel Holding has also expanded into solar-based renewable energy solutions.

Behind the scenes of this growing enterprise, labours a committed family of which the second generation met with Tharawat magazine: Brother and sister, Şirin and Kerem, joined a thriving business, which was founded by their parents. Both siblings hold international degrees in electrical engineering and MBAs from prestigious business schools, yet bring widely different skills to the family business. Tharawat magazine spoke to the Çelikel siblings about their parents, their generation, and the essential nature of patience and perseverance.

The Çelikel core

“It’s just the four of us working together,” says Şirin when asked how many family members are involved in Anel Holding today. Kerem and Şirin joined their parents in the operation of the multimillion dollar construction business a few years back. Kerem expands: “My father is the CEO, my mother is head of the supporting divisions. Şirin is in the planning and business development department. She deals more in the operational side together with my father while I work with my mother on all things human resources and finance.”