Interview with Priyanka Gupta, Executive Director, MPIL, India

Indian steel contractor Ashwani Gupta founder always wanted his children to join him in his business. But whether he knew what exponential growth the business would know once his daughter came on board in 2008 is unknown: Priyanka Gupta joined her father’s business and first and foremost started a steel manufacturing plant. Probably one of the first women in India to venture into this specific industry, Gupta’s energy contributed to growing the family business manifold over the past few years. Today, MPIL Steel Structures limited is a steel-manufacturing house for heavy steel infrastructure, producing the large steel sections for airports, power plants, bridges, high ways, high-rise buildings, and industrial factories.

Does Priyanka’s drive make her a typical member of Generation Y and what other factors were at play when she joined the business? These and other questions Priyanka Gupta sat down with Tharawat magazine to answer.