Interview with Inaciu Iglesias, CEO of Cartonajes VIR, Spain

When one opens a cardboard box the key concern is usually what awaits inside whilst the container itself is quickly discarded. Despite this widely held notion, Spanish family business Cartonajes VIR has amassed a successful family business around the casing itself.

Established in 1932 in Asturia, Northern Spain, by Vincente Iglesias Rodriguez whose initials, VIR, are still part of the company name, the firm has produced cardboard boxes of various shapes and designs for over 80 years. Now in its fourth generation, the Asturian family company has been awarded the European Excellence Certificate for its dedication to providing cardboard solutions to companies and consumers all over Europe.

Tharawat magazine sat down with Inaciu Iglesias, CEO of Cartonajes VIR, to discuss just how the company has centred a successful business around a material deemed mundane yet essential to a number of industries found all over the world.

Joining the business

“When I was young I did not expect to work in the family business,” confesses Inaciu Iglesias candidly. “I am one of the youngest members of the third generation and I wanted to be a lawyer. But when I was in the middle of my education, I realised that we had no fixed plans for the continuity of our family business. I then thought of ways in which I could help.”