Wired: Re-evaluate Cleaning Procedures

Attention to detail might be the deciding factor in the global fight to halt the spread of COVID-19. - Disinfect office surfaces daily - Encourage hand washing and...

COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses in the United Kingdom

The Institute for Family Business is working to ensure family businesses in the UK can access the latest information and guidance during these challenging...

USSBA, EU: Take Advantage of Relief Funding

From grants for small businesses and start-ups to bail-outs for multinationals, many companies can be covered over the next quarter by applying for loans. - Look into low-interest federal disaster loans - Check for income tax deferments USSBA, EU: Take Advantage of Relief...

The Trusted Family Leading Thinkers Webinar Series

A collection of webinars hosted by Trusted Family and great leaders in the family enterprise industry, where they go through various topics of great...

FEMA: Develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan

FEMA outlines strategic tasks to implement as the outbreak's impact becomes more clear. Aspects should include: - Reviewing contact information for employees to use during at-home work time - How to react...

Harvard Business Review: Reassess Budgeting

Ensure that any continued expenditures are a necessity during the COVID-19 emergency. Take this time to re-evaluate, not to make rash decisions: - Look for areas that can operate with lower costs  -...

Family Business Australia Webinars

Family Business Australia is offering a series of online events and webinars to help family businesses deal with the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19...

Has Your Business Been Affected by COVID-19?

Through My Business Health, the Australian Small Business and Family Member Ombudsman provides some tools to maintain your well-being as you navigate your business...

LGA: a Crisis Management Toolkit Specifically for Family Businesses 

Lansberg, Gersick and Associates (LGA) has developed this primer to support family businesses both in the short  and long term: - Manage risk at a systemic level  - Assign accountability for key...

The Points Guy: Reduce Travel and In-Person Meetings

The Points Guy suggests to go web-based during the COVID-19 crisis; communicating online has never been easier, and these applications will keep staff safe. - Postpone any conferences - Initiate a work-from-home policy -...

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