Interview with Ugo Poggio, CEO of Plastifil, Switzerland

In the South of Switzerland beyond the Alps, in the canton of Ticino lies the idyllic municipality Mendrisio. This quaint corner right next to Lugano, is the home of Plastifil, a family business, which specializes in the manufacture of welded steel articles as well as small components forged in aluminium, brass, copper and other alloys, established by founder and pioneer Dante Ronchetti in 1934. The company’s current Chairman Mario Snozzi, nephew of the founder, purchased the company from his uncle and nurtured its growth throughout the decades that followed the acquisition. Over time Snozzi’s daughters and sons-in-law joined the company at the strategic level. Recently the fourth generation of the family, comprised of Snozzi’s three grandchildren, Elisa, Martino, and Cristina Piccioli, were each awarded a minor stake in the company and a seat on the board of directors ensuring the businesses family ownership is maintained moving forward.

Tharawat Magazine sat cosily in our Dubai office opposite Ugo Poggio, the current CEO of Plastifil, who explained his role as a non-family executive, the challenges and advantages of running a highly specialised company, and the merits of a family-central future at Plastifil.