Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

ENTREPRENEURS: Flixbus – On Tech, Transportation, and Team Work

Flixbus – On Tech, Transportation and Team Work

An Interview with Daniel Krauss, Co-Founder of Flixbus, Germany Just a few years in existence, Germany’s Flixbus is already the poster child for a successful...

ENTREPRENEURS: Saddleback Leather – Of Bags and Love

An Interview with Dave Munson, Founder of Saddleback Leather, United States of America   Texas-based husband and wife owners of Saddleback Leather, Dave and Suzette Munson,...

PORTRAIT: Danper – Growing Food, Equality, and Opportunity in Peru

Interview with Jorge Aranguri Carranza Founder, Danper, Peru When husband and wife team Jorge Aranguri and Rosario Bazan started their Peruvian agri-business company Danper in...

FINANCE: Six Innovative Fintech Companies from Each Continent

On the back of a technology revolution that has seen blazing fast internet speeds, sophisticated mobile devices, and increasingly smarter AI, the financial industry...

TECHNOLOGY: 5 Industries Disrupted by AI

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash In March of 2016, a machine named AlphaGo beat a 18-time world champion in the ancient game of Go. This may not...

The Science of Happiness In Family and Business

Interview with Lucia Ceja, PhD, IESE Business School and Families in Business Analysis Center, Spain   Photograph by Daniel Santacatalina Laborda The quest to discover the secret...

KNOWLEDGE: Female Succession in Francophone Africa’s Family Businesses

Interview with Dr. Leila Bouamatou, Mauritania The challenges of succession in a family owned business are as numerous as they are complex. From bridging the generation...

Jebsen & Jessen – The Eastern Adventures of an Entrepreneurial Family

Interview with Heinrich Jessen, CEO, Jebsen and Jessen Southeast Asia, Singapore   From the coastal town of Aabenraa in what is now Denmark, two young men,...

Procomon & Associates – The Happiness of Purpose

Interview with Omar Otalora & Simon Otalora Procomon & Associates Panama   The story of Procomon & Associates started in 1981 with Omar Otalora who was a...

Guittard Chocolate Company – The Happy Balance between Innovation and Tradition

Interview with Gary Guittard, CEO, Guittard Chocolate Company, United States of America Northern California is home to many families whose ancestors came to San Francisco in...

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