Journey to Growth

Journey to Growth

Tharawat Magazine's 31st issue with a special feature on Growth. Including family businesses from Kenya, Azerbaijan, Italy, Switzerland, India and more.


Vontobel. About Entrepreneurship and Banking

Interview with Maja Baumann, Board Member, Vontobel, Switzerland We do not naturally associate banking with entrepreneurship. Yet it was the entrepreneurial spirit of Jakob Vontobel,...

Utopia. The Timeless Legacy of Pearls

Interview with Anna Gaia, CEO of Utopia, Italy   Founded less than 15 years ago, high-end Italian jewellery brand Utopia is already known internationally for its...

EDUCATION: BFI@SMU – The Singaporean Way

Interview with Prof. Annie Koh and Esther Kong The Singapore Management University (SMU), much like its global peers, recognised over recent years the importance of...

TECHTALK: You’re Live.

How to use Live Video for your Business It is not an overstatement to say that 2016 will be known as the year of live...

PORTRAIT: The Beginning in the End – The Story of T. Saveker and...

Interview with Dani Saveker, Founder, Families in Business T. Saveker and Sons was founded in 1903 in Birmingham, England. A manufacturing company for shop fittings,...

Melchizedek Hospital – Healthy Growth

Interview with Simon Karo, CEO, Melchizedek Hospital, Kenya In the burgeoning Kenyan healthcare sector, family-owned Melchizedek Hospital is making its mark by focusing on culture...

PSYCHOLOGY: Emotions in the Family Business

When a family owns and even runs a business together, it is usually concerned very much with the same things other business owners are...

ENTREPRENEURS: ftcash – The Power of Fintech

Image Source: Burst via Pexels Interview with ftcash co-founder Vaibhav Lodha, India Vaibhav Lodha comes from a family with businesses in jewellery and automobiles. But instead...

EDUCATION: Family Business Research

The growth of an academic field The academic field that focuses on family businesses and multigenerational entrepreneurship started out in the mid-80s.  A handful of...

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Achieving Sustainability through Corporate Citizenship

By Ola al Haj Hussin, Corporate Citizenship Manager, Crescent Enterprises “Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they...

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