Future Industries

Future Industries


EDUCATION: Interview with Prof. Guido Corbetta, Professor of Strategic Management in Family Business

Prof. Guido Corbetta was one of the first academics in Italy to start the conversation about the family business field. Immediately realizing the importance...

With Love, from Mexico – Interview with Dominique Landolt Ortíz

When María Dolores left her native Mexico in the 1980s, she took with her a grand passion for Mexican cooking. Settling down with her...

FINANCE: The Family to Family Investment Boom

In a post 2008 financial crisis world, the global family business community has witnessed the emergence of a new trend in long-term investment opportunities:...

SABIS® – 130 Years of Innovation in Education

Interview with Victor Saad, Vice President and Board Member, SABIS® When Tanios Saad and Louisa Proctor began a girl’s school in the Lebanese village of...

4 Side-Effects of Power That Can Destroy Your Relationships

Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels Famed English historian Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The pages of history...

Hizkia Van Kralingen – Turtles, Art, and the Family Business

Interview with Hizkia Van Kralingen, Owner Hizkia Van Kralingen, Netherlands Twenty-five years ago, young Hizkia Van Kralingen stubbornly told his father that he would only...

TECHTALK: 4 Ways That Fintech Is Changing the Financial Industry

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels The financial industry has long been dominated by decades-old institutions. But the rise of fintech may mark the start of...

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Contemporary Istanbul – A Family in the Arts

Enjoying its eleventh successful year, Contemporary Istanbul is one of Turkey’s biggest modern art fairs. Born out of founder Ali Güreli’s entrepreneurial passion, it’s...

The Future of Industries – A Collection Case Studies

Whether it’s a brief fad of fashion or a significant societal shift, continual adaptation to outside forces is key to business survival. Automation, big...

PORTRAIT: The Cuestamoras Group – One Family Business in Four Stories

A story in collaboration with: Vanessa Lean, Managing Director of the Cuestamoras Family Office, Costa Rica. Guillermo Salazar, Founder & Managing Partner, Exaudi Family Business...

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