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A Family Business Survived One Pandemic. It’s Determined to Do It Again.

By the time Robert L. Stevenson gathered his work force at Eastman Machine in Buffalo in mid-March, businesses nationwide were shutting down. But Eastman,...

Researchers say family-run businesses may have some advantages surviving COVID-19 restrictions

Small, local family-run businesses, such as Brooks Sandwich House, are facing unique challenges to keep things going during COVID-19-related restrictions. Still, researchers say there are...

Companies Give Yemen Tens of Thousands of Coronavirus Test Kits to Ease Shortage

According to The New York Times, a group of multinational companies donated tens of thousands of COVID-19 testing kits and medical equipment to Yemen, where...

Family Business Philanthropy in the Age of the Coronavirus

The families behind a British hospitality group, a German automaker and an emirates conglomerate are doing their bit in the fight against the coronavirus...

COVID-19 Has Spurred an Unprecedented Level of Philanthropy Across the World

By early March, it was reported that philanthropic giving to combat the coronavirus has reached unprecedented levels, already topping $1 billion across the world....

COVID-19: Armed with needles and thread

When the Norwegian authorities introduced strict measures to limit the spread of  COVID-19 on 12 March, many Norwegian companies had to shut their doors,...

A Family Business Making Meals for the Homeless During COVID-19 Crisis

When COVID-19 forced an Illawarra family business to close, they made 5000 meals for the homeless and those in need. READ MORE

Third-Generation Family Business Helps Source Safety Gear

A Burnaby-based manufacturing company is shifting gears to boost medical supply stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

A Family Business Shifted Gears to Protect People on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Mostafa is a partner of Lacerta Group Inc. in Mansfield, Massachusetts, a family-owned business that manufactures plastic packaging. Mostafa is hoping the company’s face...

Family Business Breathes Life Into COVID-19 Fight

Junior WRC driver Enrico Oldrati’s family business is helping save lives by producing emergency breathing ventilators at its Italian premises to fight the COVID-19...

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