Family Business Ownership

Family Business Ownership


The New Family of Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and Family Business are two topics known to be closely intertwined. This bond is best exemplified by the entrepreneurial spirit family business founders...

Perspectives of a Family Business Owner

The Obeikan Investment Group is a diversified Saudi-based company established in 1983. The group focuses on the packaging, paper industries and education, in addition...

On Appreciation in the Family Business

For family members to be or rather feel underappreciated in their own family business happens more often than one would think. Unfortunately, it is...

4 Indian Businesses in Profile

Dabur India Limited Founded in the late 19th century, Dabur emerged onto the marketplace as most intensely popular brands do: Out of necessity. Established by...

The German Recipe for Success: Is it Family-Owned?

Germany is a nation well-known for its successful family businesses. Among a cadre of international industry giants, it counts world renowned family firms such...

Strategic Decision Making in Indian Family Businesses

The nature of workplace decision-making as experienced within family businesses has long been a contentious issue. Some studies claim that family-owned companies gain advantages...

The Tools of Family Ownership

Yemen-based shaher trading Company limited (stCO) was founded in the mid-1970's, the family's commodity trading activities extended to, among others, petroleum products. stCO grew...

It is mine – Psychological Ownership and the Next Generation

From a very young age we experience feelings of ownership – "my bag", "my brother", "mine". the words "mine" and "my" are commonly used...

Entrepreneurship as a Legacy

French businessman and serial entrepreneur Frédéric Guinot is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his track record with successful acquisitions of small...

Deconstructing Leadership

The discussion of what makes a successful leader has been tackled from many different angles. In family businesses, leadership carries with it a unique...

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