Environmental Business Models

Environmental Business Models

The threats to our world and the rise of the sustainable company.

Ecosia – An Eco-friendly Search Engine That’s Planted 6 Million Trees

Ecosia – An Eco-friendly Search Engine That’s Planted 6 Million Trees

Interview with Ecosia founder and CEO Christian Kroll Berlin-based search engine startup Ecosia has been described as the 'world's greenest search engine' by donating more...

EDUCATION: Health Checking Your Family Business

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels What are the tell-tale signs that you have to take a good look at your family business structure and...

FEATURES: The Kündig Brothers – Flipping the Script on 3rd Generation Family Business Leadership

Interview with Marc-Remo Kündig and Sandro Kündig Many family business stories unfold along similar lines: A determined entrepreneur starts from nothing and through sheer will power and...

Khansaheb – The Inspiring Evolution of a 4th Generation Family Business

Interview with Amer Khansaheb of Khansaheb Investments To watch a business evolve over the years can be a most exciting experience. To watch a business evolve...

Environmental Threats and their Global Consequences

While mankind has made rapid technological and cultural advancement in recent decades, many experts say we are about to pay a heavy price for...

Buhle Waste – A South African Family Business

Interview with Thabang Sekete, Business Development Manager, Buhle Waste In 1997, South African Medical Doctor P.D. Sekete recognised an urgent problem: He saw more and...

TECHTALK: The Dawn of the Internet of Things

Photo by Mustafa ezz from Pexels What is the Internet of Things? To some people, the term is perceived as a fleeting tech fad destined...

STRATEGY: The Art of Sales – 10 strategies to grow your way out of...

Written by Carlo Pignataro, the author of SELL WITH STYLE, The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Selling, entrepreneur and consultant best known as "The Luxury Coach". A well-known...

PHILANTHROPY: The Remarkable Philanthropic Life of George Weiss

A Conversation with George Weiss, Chairman of Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC, Founder of Say Yes to Education and the Orphan Disease Pathway Project There are...

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: eL Seed – It’s About the Art

To become a full-time artist may seem like a romantic notion but the reality of an artistic career holds hard work, dedication and a...

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