Interview with Stefan von Bartha

In the Swiss city of Basel, there is a contemporary art gallery with a red petrol pump in front of it. The white letters above the wide glass doors spell “Von Bartha”, a name that stands for a 45-year family legacy in art collection and dealership. Upon walking into the garage-cum-gallery, we are greeted by second-generation owner, Stefan Von Bartha, the driving force behind the exhibition space. The 33-year old convinced his parents to take the risk and open the space in 2008. It was quite a change for the Von Barthas, whose main activities and exhibition space was, up-until-then, out of the family home in the city.

Tharawat magazine sat with Stefan and his father, Miklos von Bartha, on a long wooden table in the middle of their spacious, bright gallery, where we discussed why you can’t be an art dealer without being a collector, that passion cannot be taught, and what allows them to sleep well at night.