Elia, Basil, and Osama Khoury are the three brothers behind the musical ensemble “The Khoury Project”, in which Elia plays the oud, Basil the violin, and Osama the qanun. What is most striking about the Khourys is that they forge ahead where others hesitate. The trio reach beyond the margins of their Middle Eastern musical heritage and have successfully embarked on projects in varying genres including opera, Flamenco, jazz, Celtic, and Indian.

Of Palestinian descent, the three brothers grew-up in Jordan where they began their music careers at a young age. In 2007 they moved to Paris where they now work with artists and institutions from all over the world. All three Khourys hold multiple degrees in musical education and are considered prodigies of their art form.

Tharawat magazine met with Elia (38) and Osama (25) in Paris and spoke to them about trust amongst family members, their wordless communication on stage, and the business of music.