Interview with Karim Audi and Karim Bechara

Nicolas Audi is an architect and an artist, but most of all he is a cook. Known for his adventurous cuisine for over 30 years now, Nicolas only recently founded his own official catering business in a small kitchen in Rabieh, Lebanon in 2008. Together with his right-hand man, Karim Bechara, he began to cook up a great reputation. Today the catering company is not only in great demand, but has also welcomed the second generation of Audis. Nicolas’ children, Bechara, Nayla, and Karim, joined the firm a few years ago and have helped expand it to the catering, consulting, and restaurant business it is today.

Tharawat magazine spoke to both Karim Audi and Karim Bechara about what the next generation has to offer the business, why Friday night dinners with the family are sacred, and how you should treat the non-family members of the business.