Interview with Luigi Mazzoleni

Giovanni and Anna Olimpia began collecting art 50 years ago. They started with 20th century Italian works by artists like de Chirico, Savinio, Afro, Dorazio, Capogrossi, and Post-War artists. They sold works in order to buy others to both further enhancing their collection, and to support other innovative artists at early to mid stages in their careers. The couple then decided to turn their passion into an official business and became art dealers. They opened up a gallery in Turin in 1986. Today Giovanni and Anna are joined by their sons, Luigi and Davide. Together they have recently expanded their business to London where Luigi Mazzoleni is currently running the family’s newest gallery.

In an interview with Tharawat magazine, Luigi Mazzoleni spoke of Modern Italian art, his reasons for moving to London, and his family’s vision.