Interview with Mr. Christian Hemmerle

In 1893, brothers Anton and Josep Hemmerle took over a goldsmith business in Munich, which counted amongst its clients the Bavarian Royal Family. Known for producing medals and orders, the brothers explored new materials and refined craftsmanship in pursuit of innovation. In 1904, in the heart of Munich, the family opened a store on Maximilianstrasse, which to this day, remains the central business location. Generation upon generation have brought new and unique ideas to the business, allowing it to flourish and expand.

Christian Hemmerle, of the fourth generation, joined the family business in 2006. He only fleetingly considered other career, as his attachment to the jewellery business was far too strong. Stefan Hemmerle made it a point to instil this love in his son by taking him around the world to hunt for precious stones and materials. Christian grew up admiring his father’s dedication. Today, two generations of Hemmerle spouses work side-by-side: Stefan and Sylveli Hemmerle of the third, and Christian and Yasemine of the fourth.

Tharawat spoke to Christian Hemmerle about the family, jewellery, and why innovation is family tradition.