Interview with Francois Graff, Chief Executive Officer of Graff Diamonds

Laurence Graff was only 15 years old when his life long passion for diamonds began. He started work as an apprentice at a London-based jeweller. In 1960 he established the Graff Diamonds company, and over the years transformed into a leading, global brand. Today, there are over 45 Graff stores worldwide and the family business has corporate offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Japan, and Geneva. The Graff family is also the main shareholder of the South African Diamond Corporation, Johannesburg-based diamond wholesaler and manufacturer and the founder of the FACET Foundation (For Africa’s Children Every Time) designed to support the education, health and well- being of the people of sub-Saharan Africa from where many of the Graff diamonds are sourced. In 1986, Laurence Graff was joined in the business by his son Francois. Father and son share the love and passion for diamonds and have gone on expanding the business together with Laurence’s brother Raymond and nephew Elliott. Francois Graff, CEO of Graff Diamonds and second-generation family business member speaks of work with his father, the diamond trade, and making an impact through charity.