Family Business in Interior Decoration – The Story of the Fathallah Family, Chararib

The Chararib business traces its beginnings back to 1908, when the Fathallah family started operations in a small trimmings factory located on Maarad street,...

Financial Governance for Family Businesses

A comprehensive system of financial governance is an essential tool for family businesses to efficiently manage their wealth. It can be seen as one...

HR Systems in the Family Business

The Nuqul Group is one of the largest family-owned company in Jordan and the Middle East and has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. A...

Family Business in Stone Carving – Family History Written in Stone

The city of Dar Châabane, in Nabeul, Tunisia, is the home of traditional craftsmanship; it is best-known, however, for its experts in the art...

Family Business Expertise in Agriculture – Alkhorayef Group

Image Source; Pixabay via Pexels Interview with Alkhorayef Group With over half a century of business history, the Al Khorayef Group is one of Saudi Arabia's...

Human Capital in Family Firms: Challenges and Opportunities

Human capital, broadly defined as knowledge, abilities and skills that reside within a company and / or a business family, is one of the...

Managing Family and Non-family Employees

Photo by nappy from Pexels A dialogue between Amy Schuman and Dr. Stephen McClure What happens when you put two family business experts into one room?...

Succession Deconstructed

Photo by from Pexels Managing succession is one of the greatest challenges businesses face. By realising that it is a topic where the subjective...

How A Focus on Sustainability is an Investment in Value Creation

Sustainability could be considered to be the alignment of the business within the market and environment in which it operates to maintain strategic flexibility...

How to be a Good Family Business Owner – Maldonado Family, Venezuela

In 1911, Samuel Dario Maldonado, bought a large ranch of about 100,000 hectares called Hato El Frio in Venezuela. In 1948, Samuel's son Ivan...

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