Forward Technology

Forward Technology


TECHTALK: The Dawn of the Internet of Things

Photo by Mustafa ezz from Pexels What is the Internet of Things? To some people, the term is perceived as a fleeting tech fad destined...

TECHNOLOGY: 5 Industries Disrupted by AI

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash In March of 2016, a machine named AlphaGo beat a 18-time world champion in the ancient game of Go. This may not...

Quantum Computing: Superpositioning the Future

The opposable thumb is an indispensable result of human evolution. Though its migration down the side of the palm likely took millennia, the thumb...

Almost Human – The Challenges of Building Emotionally Intelligent AI

Interview with Dr Danko Nikolic, PhD CDO and Head of AI at savedroid, CEO at RobotsGoMental, Associated with Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Will artificial...

ENTREPRENEUR: Security, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

Interview with Nicole Stracke, Co-Founder of Advanced Analytics The use of Artificial Intelligence in analyzing big data is seeing a surge in many industries. Applying...

Five Family Businesses Disrupting Through Innovation

A 2017 study by professional accounting firm Deloitte challenged much of the conventional belief that family firms are slow to change and fettered by...

Why So Many Businesses Are Missing the AI Revolution

According to Michael Haenlein, Marketing Professor and Scientific Director of the ESCP Europe Research Centre on Big Data, not only do we struggle to...

Disruption of Industries – The Impact of the AI Revolution

Long before MIT computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence in 1956, we were fascinated by the idea of machines with human...

The Gradual March of Artificial Intelligence

Prognostications on a future with artificial intelligence (AI) range from slow and imperceptible change to a radical new world where machines rule the earth,...

TECH TALK: Chatbots explained.

How revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology is changing everything we know about e-commerce It’s the year 2020 and you are about to buy the newly released...

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