Winning Strategies

Winning Strategies


Meet Jordan’s Largest Family Business, the Nuqul Group

The Nuqul Group is the largest privately owned company in the Kingdom of Jordan with many operations in the MENA region and North America....

Family Business & The Art of Communication

There is no shortage of words on how to communicate well in family business. Enter the words "family business communication" into a Web search...
Succession Planning in GCC Family Businesses

Succession Planning in GCC Family Businesses

Insights from H.E. Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman, Governor of Dubai International Financial Centre Family-controlled businesses, the second largest shareholder after the government, form the umbrella...

The Evolution of Financing for GCC Family Businesses

Insights from Prof. Giacomo Luciani, Director of the Gulf Research Centre Foundation Family business groups are the main pillar of the GCC private sector. They...

Why are Some Boards More Successful than Others?

Insights by Wendy Luhabe, Social Entrepreneur ‘I have been on the boards of listed, unlisted, private sector, public sector, non-governmental, business school, my own businesses,...

Academic Research as a Foundation for Family Business Decision-Making

A successful business must be aware of the market opportunities, challenges and complexities that exist. This is just as true for a family company....

The Second Generation Family Business Non-Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is often associated with personal and financial risk-taking and a high degree of uncertainty when it comes to future benefits and growth. On...

Winning Strategies for the Family Business

Image Source: Pixabay via Pexels The goal of any enterprise is to deliver superior sustainable performance. For a business, "performance", means return on investment; "sustainable"...

A Family Office Success Story: The Al Habib Holding Company

When family businesses reach a certain size and level of wealth, the challenges for the business and the family become more complex. The management...

Facts, Figures and Percentages: Academic Research on Family Businesses in the Arab World

As the global economy grows more complex each day, the availability of high-quality information is essential to the productive conduct of business – especially...

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