Family Business Culture

Family Business Culture


Mellerio – 500 Years and Counting

Interview with Laurent Mellerio, CEO and Chairman, Mellerio For over 500 years, the Mellerio family has adorned its customers with beautiful jewellery. Hailing from a small...

Au Gant Rouge – A Tale of Perseverance and Innovation

Interview with Maria Fatté, and Maissa Fatté, Au Gant Rouge On November 9, 2017, representatives from the business, art, and culture scenes gathered at Au...

Culture and Purpose-Driven Leadership in the Family Business

Interview with Dov Baron, Author, Speaker, and Leadership Coach What are the ingredients of a strong company culture? In most cases, it is the result...

Van Wijhe – A Culture of Innovation and Sustainability

Interview with Marlies van Wijhe, CEO of Royal Van Wijhe Verf, The Netherlands What kind of a culture allows a family business to last over...

Perryman’s Culture of Listening and Trust

Interview with Angelo Perryman, CEO, Perryman Construction, USA When Jimmie Lee Perryman came home from the Korean War to his hometown Evergreen, Alabama, in the...

4 Case Studies of Successful Family Business Cultures

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels In the 1980s, business academia popularised the concept of corporate culture. Often, these cultures were seen through the prism...

Grupo Sención: Staying Ahead of the Game

Interview with Guillermo Sención, Executive Vice President, Grupo Sención, Dominican Republic In some ways, Grupo Sención could be considered an outlier in its home country,...

ENTREPRENEURS: The 4 Bros – Spreading Healthy Food and Happiness in Peru

Interview with Mario, Jose, Juanfran, and Miguel Melgar The Melgar Brothers didn't set out to start a business empire. They didn't intend to create a...

ENTREPRENEURS: Southern Crops – The Cherries from the End of the World

At first blush, it was a career move that likely raised a lot of eyebrows. After establishing himself in the horse and polo business,...

KNOWLEDGE: The Many Faces of the Family Office

An article by Alexander Degwitz M., Chairman Investment Committee, GEM International Services In 1911 my great-grandfather, Samuel Dario Maldonado bought a large tract of land in the...

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