Interview with three generations of a family business

Luck Companies, one of the United States’ largest producers of crushed stone, sand and gravel, was founded in 1923, and has thrived under the leadership of three generations of Lucks by embracing Creativity, Commitment, Leadership and Integrity as its core values. These values serve as the foundation to the Values Based Leadership culture, which promotes igniting the human potential of others by engaging everyone in a personal journey of developing their leadership skills and a personal mission to live a life of meaning and purpose. Values Based Leadership is the Lucks’ version of leadership, and it starts with the uncompromising premise that leadership is a choice and not a title. The family business believes that everyone of its 800 employees is a leader. Three generations of the Luck family give their perspective on what VBL has meant to their business and family, and Wanda Ortwine, Chief Family Officer at Luck Companies, explains the concept behind Values Based Leadership (VBL) and how the Lucks witnessed a transformation of their family and business.