Interview with Jose Ramon Sanz, Founder of the Fundacion NUMA

José Ramón Sanz belongs to the third generation of a business family responsible for automotive giant Dalphimetal, now in its fourth generation. With an abundance of support from each generation, the business has grown to generate wealth for both the family and their social environs. Before merging with TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE: TRW) Dalphimetal was a world leader in the manufacture of steering wheels and the third-largest European supplier of airbags. One of the family’s proudest accomplishments is the firm’s commitment to society. Their continued pledge to civic duty led the family to sign various partnership agreements with the ONCE Foundation and as a result employ 400 persons with disabilities. In 2005, the family Sanz Gras sold the 68.4% of their shares in Dalphimetal to TRW, the global leader in active and passive safety systems, embarking on the next stage of its journey. José Ramón Sanz, fourth generation family business member and founder of the Fundación NUMA for innovation in the field of Family Business, spoke to Tharawat magazine about what family businesses mean to him and the journey he has taken to write his own chapter.