Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies

How business owners adopt new technologies and envision the future.


FEATURES: A Tale of Scone Palace – A 16th Generation’s Perspective

Scone Palace is not only one of the most important historical sites in Scotland, it has also been in one family’s hands for hundreds...

FEATURES: Destination Madagascar – The SMTP Group

Home to a unique biodiversity and rare animal species, Madagascar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the planet being described by...

The Digital Age – Implications for Business Owners

Companies around the world today face the seemingly Herculean task of adapting their operations to the digital age. In a time of hyper-connectedness, immediate...

Dress in the City – Blending the Online and Offline Shopping Experience

For some, the ease and convenience afforded by new technologies has made this online era the golden age of shopping. Many others however, argue...

Beamler – How 3D Printing is Transforming Traditional Manufacturing

Not long ago, it would have been easy to brush off 3D printing as a ‘neat party trick’ but not something that will find...

Obeikan Investment Group – The Digital Journey

Reinventing and digitising a company’s processes and workforce can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned business owner or executive. But for...

The Digitalisation of a Newspaper – The Story of The Times of Oman

The Times of Oman boasts an illustrious history as a trailblazing publication. In 1975, the paper became Oman’s first and leading English-language daily newspaper...

Amana Investments – How to Grow A Company and Disrupt An Industry

Amana Contracting was founded by Chebel Bsaibes and is today part of a group of companies focused on the construction sector. What began as...

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Cartel: Connecting the Dots between Fashion, Art, and Architecture

A real entrepreneur is defined by his or her ability to push the boundaries, blur the lines, and create uniqueness where others see uniformity....

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Anna Maria Cammilli – Seven Shades of Gold

Raffaella Renai’s family has been in the jewellery business for five generations. She is the head designer of the Anna Maria Cammilli jewellery brand,...

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