Crisis Risk Thinking

Crisis Risk Thinking


Altruism and CSR in Arab Family Businesses: Opportunities to Excel

The Arab world has a long history of giving to and caring for their fellow human beings. A cultural and religious sense of responsibility...
Professionalizing the Family Business

Professionalizing the Family Business

Image Source: Pixabay via Pexels Experience of the Al Majdouie Group It is often said, that one of the key challenges of family businesses is to...

Talent Management – Where to Start

War for Talent The ‘War for Talent’ has been widely identified as one of the challenges which firms across all industries and nationalities probably have...

Secrets of China’s Dynamic Entrepreneurs

China's economy has experienced a transformation in the last 30 years, from total reliance on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and collectives to a mixed economy...

Family Business Crisis Risk Thinking

Risk behaviour and responses to market sentiments have changed considerably since the early ramifications of the global financial crisis. While standard hedging procedures do...

Social Responsibility of Arab Family Businesses

Image Source: Walid Ahmad via Pexels His Excellency Maqbool Ali Sultan, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman, honored the Tharawat Family Business Forum...

650 Years of Excellence: The Torrini Family Business, Italy

It’s the early Middle Ages in Europe where the story of Italian family business Torrini begins. The family’s signum could be traced through its...

Resilience of the Family Business: The Baalbaki Group of Syria

It is an undeniable fact that entrepreneurship and innovation run deep in the blood of the Baalbaki family. For more than a hundred years, each...

Expansion During Crisis – Case of the Zamil Group

Image Source: via Pexels Interview with Khalid A. Al Zamil, Zamil Group In the 1930s, a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur named Sheikh Abdullah Al-Hamad Al Zamil,...
How to Build A Family Business That Will Endure

How to Build A Family Business That Will Endure

Successfully running a family business over several generations is a complex performance that requires expertise and flexibility on many levels in the business as...

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