Damiani – Family, Values and Jewellery

Interview with Silvia Damiani, Guido Damiani, and Giorgio Damiani, Damiani, Italy Valenza nestles in the hilly countryside of Piedmont, Italy. Known as the Italian...

Ahlström – The Triumph of Common Sense

Interview with Peter Seligson, Chairman of Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy. What are the signs that an industry is in decline? When is it time to...

Top 4 Voice Computing Assistants

Voice computing is the hottest trend in technology today. Companies from Apple to Amazon are fiercely competing to emerge victorious in the voice computing...

NEXT GENERATION VISION: HMG Paints – Three Little Words

Interview with Rebecca Falder and Jonathan Falder, 5th generation, HMG Paints. Creating a successful family business is as challenging a task as one could hope...

Keeping It All in the Family

Family businesses are crucial to the welfare of economies around the world, contributing over 70% to global GDP. While they are pillars of growth...
SPECIAL FEATURES: The Rise of Data-Rich Markets

The Rise of Data-Rich Markets

Interview with Prof. Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University Every generation faces a technological trend...

Leveraging Big Data to Reach Your Customers

Interview with Michael Haenlein, Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe, Associate Dean of the ESCP Europe Executive PhD Program and Director of the ESCP...

Using Big Data to Launch a Playground Revolution

Interview with Matt Toner, Founder, Playground, Canada If one were to engage in a game of word association, the immediate response to Big Data would,...

Growing Opportunities for Efficiency Gains Through Big Data

Interview with Dr. Gah-Yi Ban, Assistant Professor of Management Science and Operation, London Business School One of the greatest opportunities Big Data has brought businesses...

Improving Decision-Making Through Big Data

Interview with Professor Ratna Chinnam, Wayne State University What is the ideal purpose of big data in today’s business environment? This is a question Ratna...

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