Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of opportunities to family businesses and the private sector worldwide.


Carbon Capture in an Environmentally Conscious Era

It was a landmark achievement. By ratifying the Paris Agreement on December 12th, 2015, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) set...

Les Mills – A Family in Fitness for Three Generations

Understanding the transformative power of group fitness helped Phillip Mills, the Managing Director of Les Mills, grow his family’s New Zealand-based gym business across...

Nova – Exporting Peruvian Innovation

Inspired by his boyhood experiences as an assistant to the local blacksmith, engineer Máximo San Román built a business developing machines for kneading, baking...

Impact Investment – Financially Sound Companies Contributing Positive Change to the World

Impact investing is a relatively new phenomenon but holds the potential to radically change the entire investment landscape. With a focus on positive social...

PSYCHOLOGY: How to Keep the Impostor Phenomenon from Holding You Back

More than 25 years later, Guy French (modified name) still remembers the unshakable feeling of dread. He had just begun his studies at a...

ARCO Group and Nigeria’s Continuously Evolving Oil and Gas Industry

In Nigeria’s booming oil and gas industry, the ARCO Group is atypical in its family-ownership and operation. Multinationals like Shell and ExxonMobil have a...

Toys – More than Just Fun and Games

The Argentinian company Juguetes Rasti was founded in 1965 by Antonio Dimare, an Italian immigrant with a passion for making toys. The original Rasti...

Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell – Leveraging the Power of Family Networks in...

Despite forming the backbone of the global economy, family businesses still have limited choices tailored to their specific needs and challenges in the education...

STRATEGY: The Emergence of Holding Companies

Holding companies are an interesting legal construct – they are not operational, so do not provide a product or service – but their business...

PAUL – The Global Bakery

Instantly recognised by its stylishly minimalist signage: elegant white lettering on a clean black background, bakery Paul boasts over 700 sales points on four...

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