Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of opportunities to family businesses and the private sector worldwide.


PAUL – The Global Bakery

Instantly recognised by its stylishly minimalist signage: elegant white lettering on a clean black background, bakery Paul boasts over 700 sales points on four...

Nova – Exporting Peruvian Innovation

Inspired by his boyhood experiences as an assistant to the local blacksmith, engineer Máximo San Román built a business developing machines for kneading, baking...

ISKU – 90 Years of Family and Furniture

The design and manufacture of top-quality office furniture has been the Vikström family’s passion for 90 years. ISKU, the Vikström’s business, has built a...

ARCO Group and Nigeria’s Continuously Evolving Oil and Gas Industry

In Nigeria’s booming oil and gas industry, the ARCO Group is atypical in its family-ownership and operation. Multinationals like Shell and ExxonMobil have a...

Dierks Farms – Innovative Family Cattle Farming

Blending automation and social media marketing with traditional farming practices, Dierks Farms is a fifth-generation family business that is redefining modern agriculture. After inheriting the...

Almost Human – The Challenges of Building Emotionally Intelligent AI

Interview with Dr Danko Nikolic, PhD CDO and Head of AI at savedroid, CEO at RobotsGoMental, Associated with Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Will artificial...

Five Steps to Success

Ann Sophie K. Löhde Associate CEO at aiso-lab GmbH, Senior Research Fellow at WIFU Witten Institute for Family Business   Dr Giovanna Campopiano Associate Professor of Family...

The AI Academy – Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its Potential

Interview with Gianluca Mauro Founder of the AI Academy Gianluca Mauro first became immersed in AI after earning a Fulbright Scholarship and spending six months on...

Disruption of Industries – The Impact of the AI Revolution

Long before MIT computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term artificial intelligence in 1956, we were fascinated by the idea of machines with human...

Les Mills – A Family in Fitness for Three Generations

Understanding the transformative power of group fitness helped Phillip Mills, the Managing Director of Les Mills, grow his family’s New Zealand-based gym business across...

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