Interview with Bruno Nardelli and Stefano Abbati, LiuJo Luxury

Keeping with the family business tradition, Bruno Nardelli and his brother, Domenico, set up Nardelli Luxury, a jewellery trade and timepiece manufacturing company. After years of success in the industry and in an unconventional entrepreneurial move, Bruno founded a luxury branch of retail brand LiuJo under Nardelli Luxury and began distributing jewellery and watches around the world.


Bruno Nardelli proved himself to be an exceptional entrepreneur, expanding the brand exponentially since its establishment in 2006. Today, he is both part owner and creative director of LiuJo Luxury, driving the marque forward with his business partner and watch–industry veteran, Stefano Abbati. Tharawat sat with the two Italian gentlemen who eloquently explained their success, the market, and their vision for the future.