Interview with Dr. György Karmazin, BI-KA Logistics Ltd., Hungary

Founded in 1991, the BI-KA Logistics Ltd. is a two-family business. The Bírós and the Karmazin families established BI-KA Bt., later renamed BI-KA Logistics Ltd., in the town of Szolnok. BI-KA began by renting out minibuses, later expanding its activities to organising carriages. Today the company is a market leader in forwarding, transportation, and logistics in the Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County of Hungary, playing an important role in the life of Szolnok.

Tharawat spoke to founder, Dr. György Karmazin about his business and the necessity of anticipated succession.

BI-KA Logistics Ltd. expanded successfully. What steps did you take to ensure growth?

In the year 2000, I decided to open up to improving the company. Other local businesses had already reached a turning point in their lifespan. Founders stepped away from the operational side of their businesses and became company ambassadors. I decided that it was also time for us to start making changes.

There were about 20 people working in our company at the time, and I found it difficult to personally communicate with each co-worker. I soon realised that a sound organisational structure was important and necessary. I began attending trainings and lectures to try and create a structure for the organisation. External advisors also made a lot of improvements.