Understanding family business relationships

In order to run a successful family business, having a proper governance structure, high profits, and global brand recognition is not enough; none of these things matter once relationships between family members turn sour and conflict rears its ugly head. 


Family Relationships Articles

Felicia Heng - Preparing the Now Generation of Asian Family Business

Preparing the “Now Generation” of Asian Family Businesses

Through research, capacity building and education, Felicia Heng, Executive Director of FBN Asia, fosters a conducive environment for family relationship health and communal wellbeing.Heng began her professional journey in Singapore's Ministry of Defence...
Leadership Starts with Awareness

Leadership Starts with Awareness

Greg McCann knows the family business advantage of shared history, purpose and vision. At the same time, however, he has seen the tight-knit bonds therein create confusion and exacerbate the situation for those who...
Succession in Hawai’i: The Next Generation of Family Business

Succession in Hawai’i: The Next Generation of Family Business

A recent survey conducted by Business Consulting Resources (BCR) Hawai'i indicates that sustained success in a family business depends largely on the realisation of two crucial factors. Firstly, having clearly defined collective goals. Business...
Five Team-Building Tips for Future Family Business Leaders

Five Team-Building Tips for Future Family Business Leaders

In our work with multigenerational business families, those with the strongest relationships have the most robust group identity and team mentality. So, how do we nurture these relationships? The following five foundational characteristics of...
Hiring in the Family Business

Hiring Relatives in the Family Business

Quentin Fleming knows the tact that family businesses must exercise when hiring or firing family members. As a small-business consultant, Quentin Fleming discovered that family dynamics are essential when it comes to family business talent...