Understanding family business relationships

In order to run a successful family business, having a proper governance structure, high profits, and global brand recognition is not enough; none of these things matter once relationships between family members turn sour and conflict rears its ugly head. 


Family Relationships Articles

Why Your family business is a Movie Script Waiting to Happen

Why Your Family Business Story is a Movie Script Waiting to Happen

Storytelling is humanity's primordial gift. From cave paintings in the Pyrenees to the meandering narratives of the latest video games, our depictions of life – in telling and hearing stories told – dictate the...
Growing your Family’s Human Capital

Growing your Family’s Human Capital

This is an abridged version of a longer article courtesy of the International Family Offices Journal. There is a revolution unfolding on the balance sheets of the world’s corporations that holds a lesson for families...
Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua

Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua: Traditional Fabric Weaving in the Heart of Venice since 1875

With a long, rich history in creating artisanal fabrics, Venice occupies a prominent position in the world of textiles. Integral to this legacy of traditional craftsmanship is the luxury textiles company Luigi Bevilacqua. Named...
Wagner Quality Shoes

Wagner Quality Shoes: Craftsmanship in Customer Service

Wagner Quality Shoes, a sixth-generation Pittsburgh-based shoe store that dates back to 1854, meets the expectation of craftsmanship their name implies in an unconventional way. Founder Peter Wagner, son of a cobbling family from Burscheid,...
From Feud to Philanthropic Success

From Family Feud to Successful Conflict Management

This content is brought to you by the Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC), the world's only case competition focused exclusively on family business.When Richard Owens’ grandfather passed away prematurely at 54, he would have never imagined that the story...