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Understanding family business relationships

In order to run a successful family business, having a proper governance structure, high profits, and global brand recognition is not enough; none of these things matter once relationships between family members turn sour and conflict rears its ugly head. 


Family Relationships Articles

Hästens: The Timeless Value of a Restful Night

Hästens: The Timeless Value of a Restful Night

For Hästens, manufacturers of superior-quality beds that can last centuries, multigenerational sustainability is a combination of cutting-edge innovation and timeless tradition. Now in its sixth generation, Hästens has adapted considerably since 1852, embracing technology...
Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel

Cecily McGuckin was no stranger to the family business, Queensland Steel and Sheet (QSS), when she joined. As such, she was well aware that the task ahead of her would be arduous. After her father...
La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue: Old-World Hospitality in the Digital Age

A secluded oasis in close proximity to the ancient city of Fes, La Maison Bleue offers authentic Moroccan luxury to travellers from around the world. Constructed in 1915 by Sidi Mohammed El Abbadi, a...
Strong Like Steel: The Arrigoni Story

Strength in Unity: The Arrigoni Story

Prioritising familial closeness to the same level as growth and prosperity in business has seen the Arrigoni Group thrive over three generations. Arrigoni began as the entrepreneurial project of three brothers who emigrated from Italy...
Mental Health and Addiction in the Family Business: The Silent Threat

Mental Health and Addiction in the Family Business: The Silent Threat

The saying goes, success breeds success, but what else can it bring? According to Jan Gerber, Chairman of Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich, our infatuation with success can be problematic. Often, it means we overlook the...