What is Deep Listening?

Six Ways to Make Your Family Business Governance a Reality
Image courtesy of Oscar Trimboli.

What is Deep Listening?
The Family Business Voice

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Deep listening is much more than hearing – it is a skill as important as speaking and a vital part of communication. On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Oscar Trimboli speaks to Ramia about his five rules of deep listening.

– Oscar’s first rule is preparatory. Clear your mind so you are available to listen.

– His second rule involves removing distractions – cell phones, laptops and tablets have no place in deep listening.

– Oscar’s third rule helps with concentration – take 3 deep breaths.

– His fourth rule is to drink water – a hydrated mind is a listening mind.

– Oscar’s final rule is to listen to what is unsaid to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of what the speaker wants to say.