What Does it Mean to Live Your Business?

Jørgen Jørgensen, image courtesy of Norrøna.
The Family Business Voice Podcast
The Family Business Voice
What Does it Mean to Live Your Business?

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, Jørgen Jørgensen talks with Ramia about the outdoor industry’s technological drivers, Norrøna’s award-winning retail strategy and the company’s responsibility to the environment.

– When it comes to outdoor sports, it’s the tools or hard goods that drive the industry. Norrøna designs products for these niches as soon as the tools make them possible, thereby staying ahead of the demand.

– Norrøna targets its marketing towards a mindset rather than a specific demographic. Age and background don’t matter as much as a passion for a particular sport.

– Most of Norrøna’s family of employees are outdoor enthusiasts themselves. They know the industry because they live the lifestyle.

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