Where does Innovation Grow?

Success is a Collaborative Achievement
Sheel Tyle, image courtesy of Amplo.

Where does Innovation Grow?
The Family Business Voice

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Sheel Tyle talks to Ramia about the immigrant dream of his parents, how this dream translated to a career in venture capital investment and why we identify so strongly with immigrant entrepreneurs.

– According to Sheel, success is the product of a supportive community. In a continuation of this trust and support, Sheel founded the venture capital company Amplo.

– Entrepreneurship is not limited by geography or political boundaries because talent is universal. Amplo’s global portfolio reflects this reality.

– The most impactful companies in the world are founded by entrepreneurs motivated by more than just money. People that set out to solve problems get through the hard times, recruit the right people in challenging markets and ultimately build something impactful.

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