How can Technology Empower Your Team Members?

Humtown: Visual Earning in Manufacturing
Mark Lamoncha, image courtesy of Humtown.

How can Technology Empower Your Team Members?
The Family Business Voice

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Mark Lamoncha from Humtown Manufacturing talks to Ramia about the economic crisis as a catalyst for change, engaging team members in the digital age and how people-oriented managerial practices transformed his family business.

– Mark applied a performance-based earning matrix to Humtown’s operations with a revolutionary digitised system – one that shows the earning rates of individual team members as they cycle their machines.

– The system shed new light on productivity from a managerial perspective. Mark saw that employees perform better in six-hour shifts, and Humtown modified their scheduling to reflect this insight.

– The key to efficiency is empowering people with technology, not using it to keep tabs on them.