How Can We Overcome Addiction?

Jan Gerber, image courtesy of Paracelsus Clinic.
The Family Business Voice Podcast
The Family Business Voice
How Can We Overcome Addiction?

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, Jan Gerber, Chairman of Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich, speaks with Ramia about the cycle of addiction and why some family business members self-medicate to deal with stress in the workplace.

– A preventive approach, according to Gerber, is the most effective way for family business members to look after each other’s mental health, so awareness and communication are critical.

– Stress is the most significant trigger for anxiety – a key ingredient in mental health and addiction problems. We live in a world where both the young and old say they are under more stress than ever before.

– Family businesses in crisis should reach out for help. A professional can tell whether or not the situation constitutes a mental health crisis and, if it does, what can be done to address it.

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