How Different is the Next Generation of the Family Enterprise?

Next gen survey Neus Feliu
Neus Feliu; image courtesy of the subject
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
How Different is the Next Generation of the Family Enterprise?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, we speak to Neus Feliu, Partner at Lansberg Gersick Advisors, about her work on the Family Enterprise Global Survey on Generational Perspectives.

This important study indicates ‘stress’ areas that family businesses might want to focus on, while also breaking down stereotypes about generational perspectives in family enterprises. Next-gens and current leaders might not be as different as we may think, although there are some important distinctions that are worth paying attention to.

Read the full survey here.

– Younger generations often think that senior generations don’t have the dynamism to undertake the change necessary to move forward, and trying to avoid conflict both generations avoid the subject, which can set this misconception in stone. 

– Next-gens and their elders often disagree on the skills necessary to lead, which is significant because families must find common ground if they are to provide a structured road map to develop next-gens within the organisation.

– Interestingly, both generations are generally in alignment when it comes to sustainability.

– The survey shows that men and women have different priorities within the business. Women are generally more interested in sustainability and family, while being less aspirational about executive positions, which belies the fact that there still exists a level of discrimination that must be dealt with before family business can truly grow as equitable organisations.

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