How Can You Create Timeless Value?

Hästens: The Timeless Value of a Restful Night
Jan Ryde, courtesy of Hästens.

How Can You Create Timeless Value?
The Family Business Voice

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Ramia speaks to Jan Ryde, Hästen’s fifth-generation CEO, as well as his son and sixth-generation family business member, Lukas Ryde, about leveraging the power of technology in product development while balancing cutting-edge innovation with timeless tradition.

– Regardless of the decade, there is continuity in the message passed from one generation to the next: the means of production and distribution may change, but there is no substitute for quality, service or value.

– A return to the businesses’ core product offering, exceptional handmade mattresses, has seen Hästens expand on a global scale.

– Hästens focus on quality adds value to the customer experience over lifetimes; they’ve found some of their mattresses still in use after a century.

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