What can we Learn from the FinTech Revolution?

What Can We Learn From the FinTech Revolution?
Gaurav Dhar, image courtesy of Marshal.

What can we Learn from the FinTech Revolution?
The Family Business Voice

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On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Gaurav Dhar spoke to Ramia about second-generation tech entrepreneurship, the evolution of financial technology in the Middle East and the future of Marshal.

– Gaurav’s path to Marshal wasn’t straight forward. According to Gaurav, joining a new company, regardless of whether or not it is a family business, is like entering a new country – an unfamiliar language and culture drive it.

– When he joined, Gaurav began looking in different sectors, and became an angel investor in unrelated businesses to see if he had the skills to grow them. Continuous learning is the only way forward.

– Gaurav’s experiences travelling and networking have been integral to Marshal’s growth. The people he met abroad are more than business contacts; they are allies and close friends foremost.

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