What is the Future of AI?

Why So Many Businesses Are Missing the AI Revolution
Image courtesy of Michael Haenlein.
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
What is the Future of AI?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Michael Haenlein speaks to Ramia about the future of AI.

Haenlein’s hypothetical future is informed by the past; to understand where AI is going, we must first understand where it came from:

– AI is not new; it first appeared in WWII, and since then, we’ve slowly integrated it into our lives and businesses.

– As such, doomsday scenarios that have AI “taking over” are unrealistic. Instead, the gradual march of AI is likely to continue in much the same manner that it has progressed so far.

– That said, intentional integration is key. We must make sure that AI continues to benefit all of humanity and for that to happen, regulation is required.

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