How Can We Take Better Care of Our Leaders?

Ellie Frey Zagel, image courtesy of Successful Generations.
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
How Can We Take Better Care of Our Leaders?

Working in her family’s foundation from the age of 15, Ellie Frey Zagel felt eclipsed by the organisation and its leaderships’ personas. Eventually, her responsibilities grew to such an extent that she reached a breaking point and had to take time off. Before she could fulfil her work obligations, however, she had to figure out what she owed herself.

Zagel’s experience coming to terms with isolation, obligation and overwork informs her passion for next-generation mentorship. Her brand, Successful Generations, is a resource for leaders to promote healthy decisions and personal boundaries.

On this episode of The Family Business, Ellie Frey Zagel speaks with Ramia about family business health and well-being for the rising generation.

– Family business membership can come with a lot of pressure to perform.

– Lacking resources to help them deal with that pressure, many next-gens are unable to reach their full potential.

– The health of a business depends on the health of its leadership. Business leaders need to learn how to say no, so they can work better, not just more.

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