What is Strategic Rivalry?

Image courtesy of Dean R Fowler.
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The Family Business Voice
What is Strategic Rivalry?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Dean R Fowler talks to Ramia about seeing past the emotional barriers of unhealthy sibling rivalry by prioritising transparency and communication.

– Siblings desire the attention, blessing and love of their parents. Rivalry exists if one feels that the other receives more attention, love and care than they do. In this way, sibling rivalry is tied to self-esteem.

– Unhealthy sibling rivalry, where one sibling feels they need to compensate for this lack of attention, often plays out in high conflict over familial money, power and control of the business.

– Strategic rivalry occurs in families where familial relationships are healthy – family members with high self-esteem know who they are, and competition is a net positive for the business.

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