What is Comediology?

Courtesy of Chris Tabish
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What is Comediology?

Those who think business is no laughing matter have probably not met Chris Tabish. The stand-up comedian uses his combined experience as a humourist and owner of a business consulting firm, Silicon Valley’s Venture West Consulting, to help others grow their businesses.

Chris’s book, Comediology defines the principles of his practices as, “Applying successful comedic techniques traditionally used to amuse, entertain or make an audience laugh to your regular occupation, profession or trade to enhance your daily effectiveness, fulfilment and joy.”

– Authenticity, presence and a unique voice are as essential in the board room as they are on the stage.

– Comedy helps develop personal connections quickly. Studies have shown that making people laugh is one of the best ways to make them feel connected and open.

– In comedy, contextual awareness is essential: fitting a joke into the context of what the audience believes is far more critical than the joke itself.

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