What Does it Mean to Sign Your Product?

Hand-Forged Axes, Stamina and Products Made to Last: Gränsfors Bruk’s Craftsmanship Holding Strategy
(L-R) Daniel Brånby and Adam Brånby, courtesy of Gränsfors Bruk.

What Does it Mean to Sign Your Product?
The Family Business Voice

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On this episode of the Family Business Voice, Adam Brånby, CEO of his family group, Ekstigen AB, sat down with Ramia to discuss quality production, personalisation and the enduring draw of the axe.

– Craftsmanship is the common thread that ties all four of the family group’s companies together.

– Product quality is both a point of pride and the main selling point. Gränsfors Bruk axes and Woolpower garments bear the initials of the blacksmith or seamstress that made them.

– Their production hearkens back to a time when things were built to last for a century or more – a disruptive model with compelling environmental implications.